MAHAVIR REFRACTORIES CORPORATION, has been one of the leading manufacturer, dealer and selling agents in technologically most sophisticated refractories since 1958. We have been catering to various key sectors of the economy. All our products confirm as per IS and International Specifications, which are supported through a comprehensive pre and post service plan, depending on the customer's need.

The company's total commitment towards technology development has seen its contribution as one of the leaders as refractory supplier to various key sectors, which include Steel Plants, Glass, Cement, Power, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals Non-Ferrous and Carbon Industries. The range of specialized services are offered singly, in combination, or packaged together in form of total Turnkey Contracts.

The Company has undertaken various types of lining jobs of Chimney, Pickling Tanks, Vessel Linings, Furnaces of all types, Boilers Combustion Chambers etc. We also have a consulting division which advices on conservation of energy, fuel utilisation efficiency and designing of furnaces as per customers requirement.