Typical Technical Parameters
Kiln Furniture (Mullite Based)
Batts/Tiles, Trays/Saggers, Supports/Setters, Bricks/Shapes
1) High Thermal Shock Resistance.
    (Due to low co-efficient to thermal expansion.)
2) Suitable for high temperature application 1700oC & faster firing cycle.
3) Excellent resistance to sagging & distortion.
4) Does not discolour the product.
5) Good service performance, trouble free production & excellent life.
For Firing (a) Bone China
(b) Sanitarywares
(c) Sintering of Oxide Ceramic Shapes
(d) Whitewares
(e) Technical Ceramic Shapes
  Technical Specifications
Apparent Porosity % 17-19
C.C.S Kg/cm2 650-800
Bulk Density gms/cc 2.5-2.6
Permanent Linear Change % Nil
after heating at 1700OC
RUL 2 Kg/cm2 Ta OC 1670
  Chemical Analysis
SiO2 % 24.6
Al2O3 Min. % 68.0
TiO2 % 1.5
Fe2O3 % 0.9
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