Typical Technical Parameters
Kiln Furniture (Cordierite Based)
Batts/Tiles, Trays/Saggers, Supports/Setters
1) High Thermal Shock Resistance.
    (Due to low co-efficient to thermal expansion.)
2) Suitable for faster firing cycle.
3) Low bulk density leading to minimum storage of heat.
4) Higher temperature application upto 1350
5) Excellent resistance to sagging and distortion.
6) Does not oxidise, spitout or discolour the product.
  Technical Application
For Firing (a) Bone China, Porcelain, Earthenware
(b) Tiles (Wall & Floor)
(c) Sanitary Wares
(d) Ferrites
(e) Technical Ceramic Shapes
  Technical Specifications
Physical Properties Apparent Porosity % 25-29
Bulk Density gms/cc 1.75-1.9
Service Temperature
i) Short Time Use OC 1350
ii) Regular Service OC 1300
Thermal Shock Resistance Cycles +30
(1000OC to water quenching)
Modolus of Rapture
i) At room temperature Kg./Sq.Cm. 120-150
ii) At 1300OC Kg./Sq.Cm. 90-120
Cold Crushing Strength Kg./Sq.Cm. 500 (Min.)
Linear Thermal Expansion
(20-1200OC) % 32
Chemical Composition SiO2 % 50-60
Al2O3 Min. % 45-50
MgO % 5-6
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