Typical Technical Parameters
Ceramul - 64
Ceramul - 64 is made with hte use of pur oxides & selected raw material to eliminate impurities. It is an ideal aggregate for high quality Bricks, Shapes, Insulating Bricks & Monolithics in stringent applications.
1) High Thermal Shock Resistance.
    (Due to low co-efficient to thermal expansion.)
2) Suitable for high temperature application 1700OC & faster firing cycle.
3) Excellent resistance to sagging & distortion.
4) Does not discolour the product.
5) Good service performance, trouble free production & excellent life.
Glass Industry Super Structure, Tank Blocks, Channels, Regenrator Linings.
Metallurgical Industry Blast Furnace, Lower Stacks & Boshes, Reheating Furnace Hearths. Ladle and Tundish well Blocks.
Ceramic Industry Kiln & Kiln Car Decks operating upto 1700OC. Hot Zone Linings for Tunnel Kilns.
Kiln Furniture - Batts, Tiles, Trays, Saggers, Setters, Cranks, Burner Blocks.
Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 Range 62-64 %
SiO2 Range 35-37 %
Fe2O3 Max. 0.40 %
TiO2 Max. 0.25%
Mineralogical Analysis
Major Mullite, Minor Corrundum, & Amorphous Glass
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