Mettallurgical Treatment & Casting of Nonferrous Metals
Anode-Baking Furnaces
Anode-Drum Furnaces for Cu
Combustion Chambers for Tio2 - Rotary Kilns
Converters for FeNi
Crucible-Type Induction Furnaces
Cu-Melting Furnaces
Drum-Type Melting Furnaces
Drum-Type Melting Furnaces for Pb
Electric Reduction Furnaces for FeCr with low C-Content
Electric Reduction Furnaces for FeSi,FeCr,FeMn,Si
Melting-Holding Furnaces for Al
Reverberatory Furnace for Cu
Rotary Kiln for Alumina
Sic-Columns for Zn-Distillation
Slag-Cleaning Furnaces for Cu
TiO2 - Rotary Kilns